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Welcome to RGB Food Management Services


Here at RGB Food Management Services, we specialise in the development of food safety and quality systems for food manufacturing and distributing companies.

Established in 1996, RGB Food Management Services has worked hard to develop, implement and maintain sophisticated systems that meet and exceed quality and safety requirements as set down by the leading regulatory bodies in food management.


HACCP Food Safety and BRC Certification
Signifying best industry practice, the BRC Global Standards raise the quality, safety and operational criteria of food suppliers and retailers around the world. At RGB Food Management Services we continue to be highly successful in helping our clients achieve or retain certification against the BRC Global Food Standard.

RGB Food Management Services offers guidance to develop clear and concise HACCP Plans. Our commitment to - and experience in - thorough, detailed hazard analysis and risk assessment means we're well placed to identify any hazards which pose a significant threat to your products.

From initial production through to preparation and distribution, operate in accordance with the latest

HACCP Food Safety

best practice with RGB Food Management Services. Our pragmatic and plain-speaking approach to food management has allowed us to clarify objectives and target limited resources effectively and reliably.


Operate effectively in a competitive market

The company's main objective has been to offer each client an affordable and easily implementable form of improvement, allowing companies to increase their growth and boost profitability.

Here at RGB Food Management Services we create opportunities for our clients to gain market share, win new customers and retain existing ones, providing comprehensive services in the food management arena.

For further information about our food management services, contact us today.